Tourism Australia’s Chinese Website Hits the Mark

TA pic

Tourism Australia has launched a website in China This is a significant and well researched marketing tool that caters to Chinese travel preferences and consumption patterns. We put the […]

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Itours Australia advises the Federal Government on the China market – where to now for the Australian Tourism Industry?

Itours Australia was invited to be on the Tourism Working Group which presented a Briefing Paper to the Federal Government– the paper was called ‘China – Where to from Here […]

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Australia failing in a WiFi-ed Asia

Amidst the debate and discussion on the NBN roll out here, Asian countries are trumping Australia by handing wifi access to international tourists with very simple, government supported, strategies. As […]

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Poor Translation Costs Credibility


The Federal Government’s recently published Asian Century White Paper has been translated and released in China. Unfortunately, it is making headlines for all the wrong reasons.   According to Chinese […]

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Jenny Gardner wins Silver at the Interpretation Awards


To add to the Bronze for Point Nepean, Jenny Gardner, our creative writing partner, also took home a Silver award at the 2012 Interpretation Australia Awards for her work on […]

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Itours wins Interpretation Australia Award


In our first entry into the Interpretation Australia Awards, Itours picked up the bronze award for their work for Point Nepean.  

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Hilton Huanying Programme doubles Chinese growth

Hilton Huanying symbol

In August 2011, the Hilton Hotel started trialling their “Huanying” programme (meaning “welcome” in Mandarin). Fast Forward just over a year later, and they have the programme running in 70 […]

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Matt Hingerty Returns to Itours Australia Advisory Board

Itours Australia is delighted to announce that Matt Hingerty has re-joined our Advisory Board. Matt brings to the Itours Australia Board a unique combination of Tourism Industry experience plus an understanding of Government and the Public Service at both a State and Federal level.

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Australia’s first multi-lingual tourism app


Containing 20 tours in eight languages – English, Mandarin, Korean, Japanese, Italian, German, French and Spanish – the new app for Phillip Island Nature Parks, developed in conjunction with Itours […]

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Self-guided Cairns Botanical Gardens tours


Cairns City Council recently opened its new $4.6 million Visitor Information Centre, which it hopes will become a focal point for the garden’s plants and the precinct’s history. Integral to […]

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